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专访国际著名纸雕艺术创作人及插画师Gail Armstrong女士

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采访国际知名插画师及纸雕艺术创作人Gail Armstrong女士

Gail Armstrong女士是一名经验丰富且屡获殊荣的专业插画师,擅长手工制作纸工雕塑。她为全世界许多项目和客户制作3D的剪纸模型,包括为微软、Kleenex (舒洁) 平面广告制作的卡通剪纸和2010年Macy’s百货的感恩节游行贺卡,其中舒洁“Feelings”赢得了国际上许多奖项,包括:
2010年The Big Won奖
- 广告制作一等奖
- 金与银奖

- 金狮奖(平面广告)
- 铜狮奖(插画)
- 铜狮奖(出版)

- 铜奖(插画)


设计小资:Hello,Gail,can you make a brief introduction of yourself first?
Gail:I am a London based illustrator working in paper sculpture.

设计小资:What led you to be engaged in paper sculpture illustrator?

Gail:I trained at Glasgow School of Art in Graphic Design and Illustration and that was where I was  first introduced to the medium of paper sculpture. I was immediately drawn to the possibilities of working
in paper. To take something so ordinary and everyday and with a simple cut or fold, transform it into
something of beauty is almost magical. Originally I worked as a Graphic Designer, but after a few years
I realized that illustration was my real passion and that paper sculpture should be my medium. 
采访国际知名插画师及纸雕艺术创作人Gail Armstrong女士


设计小资:You served a lot of famous brand, also took a lot of awards in the world.
Can you share us something about the secret of your success?
Gail:I don’t set out to win awards, but it’s lovely that my work has been so well received! It’s important to me
that I give every job 100% and more, and I do get very enthusiastic about each new project, so perhaps that’s
what comes over in the final work.

设计小资:In all the projects, which project is the most impressive to you, why?
Gail:That’s really tricky, because so many of them stand out for different reasons. I absolutely loved working
on the Kleenex campaigns. I particularly like it when there are a set of pieces to work on, and the creative team
on this project were great to work with – pushing me creatively but also open to suggestions. It was the same
with the Nestle “Love to Share” work again a lovely team and I’m very proud of the final pieces. One other piece
that I really like is the stamp image I produced for the United Nations. When you get a brief that opens with “it
has to be beautiful and we are entirely open to ideas” then you know it’s going to be a fun ride. I felt the conceot
I came up with exactly captured the message they were after, and the image worked well at such a small scale,
which is always the challenge with stamps.
Gail:这很难说,因为实在太多,而且有太多的不同的创作动机。但我绝对喜欢与美国舒洁公司合作的那个活动项目。我尤其喜欢当时与我一起工作的极赋创造力的团队和大家所创作的诸多作品,这种状态使我灵感大增并且受益颇多。与美国雀巢公司的那次“Love to Share”的合作项目,同样让人难忘,也是一支优秀的团队,并且我为大家的最终作品而倍感骄傲。另一次的美妙经历是我为联合国创作邮票插画作品。当你得到合作方的要求是“呈现美感,尽情创作”,我就知道这将是一次美妙的合作经历。我很受启发并且细心捕捉对方所想的每个细节,在邮票这样的方寸之地呈现最佳的插画作品总是具有挑战性的。


设计小资:Who is your favorite artist,why?
Gail:I love the work of Andrew Goldsworthy – the ability to go out into a wilderness and then create beautiful
images and sculptures from what he finds. Inspiring.
Gail:我非常喜欢安德鲁.高德华绥的作品,因为他的绘画和雕塑作品能把人带入广阔、奇美的境界,令人灵感迸发。设计小资:How do you balance the commercial and artistic quality of a commercial project?
Gail:It’s not so much a conscious thing for me. I like to create images that communicate in some way and I also
recognize that I work far more creatively when I have a brief and boundaries to push against. I guess for those
reasons I work far more more in the realm of “commercial” as opposed to “Fine”. 

设计小资:Except for work , What’s your interests in life? 
Gail:Living in London means I have a very busy lifestyle, with all the culture there is on offer here. I have 2
daughters with countless hobbies so they keep me very busy too, and for wind-down and relaxation I love to
garden and to write.

设计小资:Do you think your creation inspiration will benefit from these interests?
Gail:Creativity doesn’t stop when I close my studio door. Everything I do seems to inspire new ideas and new
ways of doing things. I always carry a notebook and pen around with me so I can draw and make notes as
inspiration strikes. The trick is being able to understand them later!

 设计小资:Do you have a know about Chinese culture? 
Tell us something about your interpretation of it? 
Gail:I have to admit to a limited knowledge of Chinese culture, but the calligraphic images particularly stand
out to me. The marks are just so beautiful – rhythmic and yet expressive.

设计小资:Do you participate in some projects which need to combined with Chinese
elements or culture?  
Gail:There’s nothing specific at the moment, but it’s worth noting that I often use chinese papers in my work.

设计小资:Do you have a planning to do a related creation after?
Gail:I think it would be quite interesting to create an image based on chinese architecture (old and new)
using only chinese papers.